Hello! I’m out of work at the moment so I’m opening commissions! I’m probably going to take 4 slots at first.

I can draw almost anything, original work, ocs or fanart. Won’t draw gore, complicated machinery or porn. (Suggestive themes are ok, but I don’t trust my skills enough to draw straight up R18 stuff so) If you’re not sure whether your request would fall under these categories, don’t hesitate to ask, send me an email and we’ll work it out!

Payment via paypal, or bank transfer for finns. I only accept the payment in euros. Please be prepared to cover any transaction fees. I can mail you the original work with the additional price of 2€!

If you’re interested contact me at avaruuskala@gmail.com, or drop me an ask if you have questions!

Thank you!

Hi guys! I recently cleaned up my room and found a ton of leftover artist alley stuff I’ve sold at conventions, which I’d love to get rid of. I don’t have an online store up, frankly I don’t know enough about how those things work and what would be the best option if you live in finland, so I’ll have to do this in a bit more complicated way, I apologize. u - u; But if you’re interested in something you can drop me an email and I’ll mail your order to you!

The prices are as follows, also I’ve included a link to all of the pieces in question if you want to see a better picture.

Madoka bookmarks: 2 €. (Disclaimer: I had some trouble with the laminating machine while making these, and they’re not exactly the straightest? They’re neat but may be a bit crooked, so if that doesn’t bother you consider getting one! Or two!)


  • 1, 3, 4 - size around A4 - 3 €
  • 2 & postcards, 5 & 6 - 2 €

Demon lady keychain: 3 €

Sticker set: 1 €

I’ll mail anywhere, the shipping costs will be 2€.

I accept paypal (payment only in euros please), or bank transfer for finns.

Contact me at avaruuskala@gmail.com. I’m also doing commissions so check out those too. Thanks! \( ´ v `*)

honeydipper replied to your post:

Oh no they are gorgeous! What are their names?

Thank you so much!! as to their names, they don’t really… have any….. sweats I’ve been drawing these guys for a couple of years but somehow none of the names I come up with seem to fit and I’ve abandoned them when the characters have evolved so. I don’t know. I have big chunks of their story and very vivid images of their world in my head, maybe if I one day were to draw a comic or something along the lines I’d come up with something but for now they remain nameless.

red handed

AU thing for today’s #ywpd_69mins circus theme, I’m simultaneously very proud and embarrassed of this

Anonymous: "i thought that self portrait was spock in a skirt"

where did I go wrong

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